Centre de services scolaire
de Montréal

Centre de services scolaire de Montréal

Who is this program for?

You will learn to prepare surfaces, to cut and install marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and other similar or alternative materials. You will also learn to polish by hand or with a polishing machine all surfaces composed of granite, marble and other similar materials. Finally, you will see how to apply a cement base and to grout surfaces.

Program goals

  • Know how to, install and repair marble surfaces, granite prefabricated, terrazzo, slate or ceramic tiles
  • Know how to prepare surfaces before executing the mentioned above
  • Know how to put in place, finish and repair granite floors

Related trades

  • Tilesetter

Fields of work

  • Construction companies, institutional and commercial areas
  • Renovation companies
  • Flooring stores

Job opportunities

  • Good


$ 52 772 / year – for a journeyman

Source : website ccq.org


7 h 45 to 15 h

For more information, consult the AdmissionFP website

Duration: 690 hours (day time)
6 months

Affordable costs

Books : $83.50
Attire Required : $300,00 (approximately)
Additionnal fees : $120.00

Total : $503.50

I want to register
French program also available — Carrelage


Hold a secondary school diploma (SSD) or its recognized equivalent.
Be at least 16 years of age on September 30th of the school year which their training is to begin and have earned secondary III credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics of have been granted recognition of equivalent learning.
Be at least 18 years old of age and have successfully completed the General Development Test (GDT) and have the program’s specific prerequisites or recognition of equivalent learning.

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